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A few years ago, I was feeling rather bored on a Jetstar flight, and so I started flicking through their inflight magazine. There was this great story about a dairy farmer who had been making special creams for his cows’ udders, and then discovered that a family member was using them on her hands. The idea for MooGoo, a skin and haircare company, was born!

I liked the story so I looked them up when I got home and started using their products. I’m pleased to report that they smell delicious, they’re gentle on hair and skin, and I like the fact I’m supporting a regional Australian company. They’ve since branched out into cosmetics with their Dusty Girls range, and even have a range of products for pets with delicate skin.

One of the challenges of the My Year as a Fairy Tale performance is that all that rouge and powder is going to be hard on my skin and hair. So I wrote to MooGoo and – bless ’em – they’ve offered to provide product sponsorship for my year as Marie Antoinette. Thank you MooGoo!