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A very excited Marie Antoinette, as today, Saturday 8th April, I will be flouncing around the streets of Maitland wearing a train-hat. Yes, it’s the Steamfest weekend, Maitland’s celebration of all things train! For the last few days the sounds of locomotives calling to each other has filled the air, flashing neon signs tell us that traffic will be diverted from the CBD, and a general feeling of anticipation hangs over the city.

The very talented Jessica Coughlan has made this video to celebrate Steamfest and Marie Antoinette’s train-hat. It features train aficionado David Hampton waxing lyrical on the subject of trains and Steamfest, and includes cameos by artist Caelli Jo Booker, costumier Kadisha Patterson, thespian Leilani Boughton as well as the lovely artists from The Drawing Room, Newcastle. Shot on location at The Palm Court Tea Salon, in historic Mansfield House, Maitland.